The Spruce-Artists Sunday

A Few of the Artists Sunday Participants

Greg Davis

Most of the event is happening virtually, but a few of the participants are planning in-person events. One such artist is Greg Davis, an Austin-based photographer and owner of Greg Davis Photography and Gusto Studios. Davis is part of the National Geographic Image Collection and says he specializes in documenting culture, the human condition and spirit.

Santeria Sass, Cuba

“I put together cultural events for Texans,” Davis says. He pairs his international photography with music, films and more and takes the show across Texas to showcase other cultures.

“COVID put a stop to international travel, so we had to get creative,” he says. “I love what Chris has done. What better way to celebrate creation than the day of creation?”

Davis’ Gusto Studios will have COVID safeguards in place for its Sunday event, limiting the number of people inside at one time, requiring masks, and setting up some displays that can be enjoyed from outside.

Online shoppers can go to the site and search by artist name, type of art, city or state to find something that inspires them. The site also includes an activity page where artists can showcase any current deals or special promotions.