Oaxacan Gold

Tickets to May 7th Premiere opening night at the Art Center Waco SOLD OUT in days!  Davis is currently offering his latest traveling exhibit, “Oaxacan Gold”, to art centers and museums around the great State of Texas. The purpose of this exhibition is to bring awareness to the stunning beauty, cultural depth and mystical nature of the great Mexican State of Oaxaca through an educational multi-media cultural experience of photography, folk art, textiles, dance and music. The exhibition of the complete collection of these works are available for hire for 2023-2024.  The cultural experience has been booked to premiere at the NEW Waco Art Center. Open to the public May 10th-Aug 13th, 2022 and the Georgetown Art Center in August 26th-Sept 20th, 2022, opening night August 27th, open to the public. The images here are only a small subset of the exhibition.