Greg Davis Photography in traveling National Geographic Exhibition, “Women: A Century of Change”

Photo ©Greg Davis Photography/National Geographic Image Collection, of Dr. Karmabu Ringera Founder of the International Peace Initiative in Meru, Kenya.

The exhibition WOMEN, a Century of Change of the National Geographic Society is a selection of 57 photographs from the extensive National Geographic archive highlighting the role of women during more than a century of change around the world. The exhibition covers nine decades and a wide range of countries. Each photograph creates a portrait of different aspects of women’s existence and shows visitors how female representation has evolved since the founding of National Geographic in 1888.
Companion Documentary Premiered November 2019 on National Geographic
Companion Book “Women:  The National Geographic Image Collection” 2019


“Women:  A Century of Change” Traveling Exhibition:

National Geographic Museum Washington, DC, 2019

Santa Maria della Vita in Bologna, Italy 2020

Usina del Arte in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2020

Palacio de Gaviria in Madrid 2020

Royal Artistic Circle Art Museum, Barcelona, Spain 2020

Gladstone Regional Art Museum, Gladstone QLD Australia 2021

Colegio de Arquitectos de Madrid, Spain 2022

Nebraska History Museum, Lincoln, NE, USA 2022

City One Centre Zagreb, Croatia 2022

La Térmica, Malaga, Spain 2023