Digital Photo Pro Contest Winner – “Portrait”

The third-place prize in the 2020 The Face Photography Contest goes to Greg Davis for the image, “De Otro Mundo, Oaxaca, Mexico.” “I’ve been working on a project on Oaxacan culture for over two years, which I hope will coincide with an exhibition I have been asked to create for the grand opening of a new museum and art center being built in Waco, Texas. This image was captured on the streets of Oaxaca City during the annual Day of the Dead festivities. It’s been said you die two deaths—one when your physical body perishes and the second when the last person who remembers you passes on. So remember: Honor your ancestors! What’s interesting about this photo is that it’s the first time I shot with a competing camera system: I happened to be on assignment down in Oaxaca, Mexico, when my Canon DSLR showed up, dead on arrival! But luckily Mexican photographer, Diego Huerta, saw my Instagram post about my dilemma, and he brought me his Nikon D850, plus several lenses. So, this image represents the first time I’ve had the opportunity to shoot with a Nikon system. Now, I love both Canon and Nikon….and Diego Huerta!”



Nikon D850, Nikon Nikkor 14-24mm F2.8. Exposure: 1/40 sec., ƒ/2.8, ISO 400.